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Answer Number
Butter7 (2.3%)9.76645435244161
Butter and Syrup144 (47.1%)200
Butter and Powdered Sugar6 (2%)8.49256900212314
Powdered Sugar and Syrup9 (2.9%)12.3142250530786
Butter, Powdered Sugar, and Syrup19 (6.2%)26.3269639065817
Molasses0 (0%)
Brown Sugar1 (0.3%)1.27388535031847
Molasses and Brown Sugar0 (0%)
Molasses and Powdered Sugar0 (0%)
Butter, Syrup, Molasses, Brown Sugar, and Powdered Sugar0 (0%)
Some Weird Unmentioned Combination of the Above Ingredients27 (8.8%)37.3673036093418
Fruit13 (4.2%)17.8343949044586
Ice Cream7 (2.3%)9.76645435244161
Fruit and Ice Cream8 (2.6%)11.0403397027601
Some Other Weird British Thing41 (13.4%)56.9002123142251
I don't like pancakes.14 (4.6%)19.5329087048832
I don't know what pancakes are.10 (3.3%)14.0127388535032

A total of 306 people answered this question.