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Which of the Oscars The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King took was the least expected?

Answer Number
Best Picture25 (11.3%)55.1219512195122
Best Director8 (3.6%)17.5609756097561
Best Adapted Screenplay23 (10.4%)50.7317073170732
Best Editing28 (12.6%)61.4634146341463
Best Art Direction5 (2.3%)11.219512195122
Best Costume Design3 (1.4%)6.82926829268293
Best Makeup13 (5.9%)28.7804878048781
Best Visual Effects2 (0.9%)4.39024390243902
Best Sound7 (3.2%)15.609756097561
Best Original Score17 (7.7%)37.5609756097561
Best Original Song91 (41%)200

A total of 222 people answered this question.