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What holiday season movie are you most looking forward to?

Answer Number
Brother Bear15 (2.1%)6.70926517571885
The Matrix Revolutions141 (19.6%)62.6198083067093
Love Actually8 (1.1%)3.51437699680511
Master and Commander5 (0.7%)2.23642172523962
Looney Tunes: Back In Action15 (2.1%)6.70926517571885
The Cat In the Hat18 (2.5%)7.98722044728434
Timeline14 (1.9%)6.0702875399361
The Last Samurai13 (1.8%)5.75079872204473
Something's Got To Give1 (0.1%)0.319488817891374
Stuck On You4 (0.6%)1.91693290734824
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King451 (62.6%)200
Mona Lisa Smile10 (1.4%)4.47284345047923
The Young Black Stallion2 (0.3%)0.958466453674121
The Alamo2 (0.3%)0.958466453674121
Cold Mountain3 (0.4%)1.2779552715655
Cheaper By the Dozen7 (1%)3.19488817891374
Peter Pan12 (1.7%)5.43130990415335

A total of 721 people answered this question.