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What's the most unexpected omission of this year's Oscar nominees?

Answer Number
Best Picture: About Schmidt12 (2.8%)21.9607843137255
Best Picture: Antwone Fisher11 (2.6%)20.3921568627451
Best Director: Peter Jackson, The Two Towers110 (25.5%)200
Best Actor: Richard Gere, Chicago20 (4.6%)36.078431372549
Best Actress: Meryl Streep, The Hours9 (2.1%)16.4705882352941
Best Supporting Actor: Dennis Quaid, Far From Heaven11 (2.6%)20.3921568627451
Best Original Screenplay: Antwone Fisher3 (0.7%)5.49019607843137
Best Adapted Screenplay: About Schmidt11 (2.6%)20.3921568627451
Best Adapted Screenplay: The Two Towers47 (10.9%)85.4901960784314
Best Foreign Language Film: City of God8 (1.9%)14.9019607843137
Best Makeup: The Two Towers38 (8.8%)69.0196078431373
Best Costume Design: The Two Towers66 (15.3%)120
Best Visual Effects: Minority Report41 (9.5%)74.5098039215686
Best Visual Effects: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets44 (10.2%)80

A total of 431 people answered this question.