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What's the most reliable way to make any movie better?

Answer Number
Giant rampaging frogs with hearts of gold26 (3.1%)10.9347442680776
Glowing radioactive babies17 (2%)7.05467372134039
Dancing harems86 (10.3%)36.331569664903
Cannibal cakes20 (2.4%)8.46560846560847
Ninja lifeguards69 (8.3%)29.2768959435626
Mutant pod mimes7 (0.8%)2.82186948853616
Vegetarians16 (1.9%)6.70194003527337
Cyborg cows43 (5.2%)18.342151675485
Punk rocker tax collector romantic leads24 (2.9%)10.2292768959436
Anthropomorphic diapers10 (1.2%)4.23280423280423
Cher10 (1.2%)4.23280423280423
Tap dancing CIA pigs33 (4%)14.1093474426808
Periodic unacknowledged spontaneous combustion of minor characters472 (56.7%)200

A total of 833 people answered this question.