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Which of these possible Best Picture Oscar nominees most deserves a nomination?

Answer Number
Adaptation25 (4.6%)14.7672552166934
Chicago25 (4.6%)14.7672552166934
Far From Heaven7 (1.3%)4.17335473515249
Gangs of New York21 (3.8%)12.199036918138
The Hours7 (1.3%)4.17335473515249
Minority Report44 (8%)25.6821829855538
My Big Fat Greek Wedding48 (8.7%)27.9293739967897
The Pianist7 (1.3%)4.17335473515249
Road To Perdition23 (4.2%)13.4831460674157
The Two Towers342 (62.3%)200

A total of 549 people answered this question.