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What's your favorite trivia set in the Trivia Stampede?

Answer Number
RinkWorks Trivia21 (8.4%)61.9926199261993
Bible Trivia31 (12.4%)91.5129151291513
Academy Award Trivia4 (1.6%)11.8081180811808
Word Trivia21 (8.4%)61.9926199261993
Spelling Bee14 (5.6%)41.3284132841328
Horse Trivia2 (0.8%)5.90405904059041
Cow Trivia19 (7.6%)56.0885608856088
James Bond Trivia13 (5.2%)38.3763837638376
Card and Board Game Trivia10 (4%)29.520295202952
Video Game Trivia40 (15.9%)117.343173431734
Auto Racing Trivia2 (0.8%)5.90405904059041
Middle-Earth Trivia68 (27.1%)200
Angband Trivia6 (2.4%)17.7121771217712

A total of 251 people answered this question.