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How do you mark your place in a book?

Answer Number
Using a bookmark168 (13.8%)76.2430939226519
Using any old scrap of paper handy439 (36.2%)200
Folding the corner of the page in141 (11.6%)64.0883977900552
Folding the outer half of the page in5 (0.4%)2.20994475138122
Putting the dust jacket flap into the book36 (3%)16.5745856353591
Leaving the book open, turned upside down119 (9.8%)54.1436464088398
Leaving the book open with something sitting on top7 (0.6%)3.31491712707182
I don't mark my place; I simply remember what page I was on139 (11.5%)63.5359116022099
I don't mark my place; I simply hunt for where I left off each time159 (13.1%)72.3756906077348

A total of 1213 people answered this question.