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Which light switch in your house gets flipped the most?

Answer Number
Living Room/Family Room Switch58 (11.8%)69.6165191740413
Kitchen Switch119 (24.1%)142.182890855457
Dining Room Switch5 (1%)5.89970501474926
Study/Den/Library Switch13 (2.6%)15.3392330383481
Bedroom Switch79 (16%)94.3952802359882
Bathroom Switch167 (33.9%)200
Hallway Switch33 (6.7%)39.5280235988201
Attic/Loft Switch1 (0.2%)1.17994100294985
Basement Switch11 (2.2%)12.9793510324484
Garage Switch2 (0.4%)2.35988200589971
Front Step/Flood Light Switch5 (1%)5.89970501474926

A total of 493 people answered this question.