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Which of the top eight Oscars do you think was most deserved?

Answer Number
A Beautiful Mind, Best Picture41 (13.8%)130.805687203791
Ron Howard, Best Director42 (14.1%)133.649289099526
Denzel Washington, Best Actor62 (20.8%)197.156398104265
Halle Berry, Best Actress63 (21.1%)200
Jim Broadbent, Best Supporting Actor23 (7.7%)72.9857819905213
Jennifer Connelly, Best Supporting Actress30 (10.1%)95.7345971563981
Gosford Park, Best Original Screenplay26 (8.7%)82.4644549763033
A Beautiful Mind, Best Adapted Screenplay11 (3.7%)35.0710900473934

A total of 298 people answered this question.