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Which of these is your favorite frequently illegal activity?

Answer Number
Setting off fireworks110 (6.8%)60.4444444444444
Having a car within city limits20 (1.2%)10.6666666666667
Speeding236 (14.5%)128.888888888889
Not wearing a veil and ankle-length dress141 (8.7%)77.3333333333333
Praying at school120 (7.4%)65.7777777777778
Not wearing a seatbelt52 (3.2%)28.4444444444444
Not wearing a bicycle helmet73 (4.5%)40
Buying Cuban goods45 (2.8%)24.8888888888889
Owning unregistered guns31 (1.9%)16.8888888888889
Owning a bazooka115 (7.1%)63.1111111111111
Trespassing on public lands69 (4.2%)37.3333333333333
Spamming email accounts19 (1.2%)10.6666666666667
Copying DVDs105 (6.5%)57.7777777777778
Selling food items not labeled for individual retail sale53 (3.3%)29.3333333333333
Passing on the right70 (4.3%)38.2222222222222
Being American366 (22.5%)200

A total of 1625 people answered this question.