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What do you use most frequently to tell the time?

Answer Number
An analog wall clock107 (8.4%)60.2150537634409
An analog desk clock9 (0.7%)5.01792114695341
A digital desk clock57 (4.4%)31.5412186379928
An analog watch357 (27.9%)200
A digital watch279 (21.8%)156.272401433692
A time display on a computer231 (18%)129.032258064516
A time display on another kind of electronic device (VCR, Microwave, etc.)96 (7.5%)53.7634408602151
A time display on the dashboard of a vehicle5 (0.4%)2.8673835125448
Other28 (2.2%)15.7706093189964
I never know what time it is112 (8.7%)62.3655913978495

A total of 1281 people answered this question.