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Is it ok to eat food that's been dropped on the floor?

Answer Number
Yes, as long as any visible dirt or dust is wiped off196 (16.5%)98.2142857142857
Yes, as long as there isn't any visible dirt or dust clinging to it114 (9.6%)57.1428571428571
Yes, as long as it still looks clean and it hasn't been on the floor long399 (33.6%)200
Only if the floor in question is in my own home, and I've just cleaned257 (21.7%)129.166666666667
Yes, but I have psychological problems with eating food from the floor, so I throw it away anyway89 (7.5%)44.6428571428571
No, and it's disgusting to see people do that132 (11.1%)66.0714285714286

A total of 1187 people answered this question.