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How often do you eat junk food?

Answer Number
Never20 (1.3%)12.56038647343
Once or twice a year48 (3.2%)30.9178743961353
Once a month61 (4.1%)39.6135265700483
Two or three times a month109 (7.3%)70.5314009661836
Once a week109 (7.3%)70.5314009661836
Two to three times a week255 (17.2%)166.183574879227
Almost every day307 (20.7%)200
Every day167 (11.3%)109.178743961353
More than once a day165 (11.1%)107.246376811594
Constantly242 (16.3%)157.487922705314

A total of 1483 people answered this question.