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What implement would you use to remove a non-twist crown bottle top if you had no bottle opener?

Answer Number
Knife153 (14.4%)103.597122302158
House or car key82 (7.7%)55.3956834532374
Table edge296 (27.8%)200
Teeth92 (8.7%)62.5899280575539
Stapler9 (0.8%)5.75539568345324
Cork screw15 (1.4%)10.0719424460432
Nail file6 (0.6%)4.31654676258993
Letter opener9 (0.8%)5.75539568345324
Can opener95 (8.9%)64.0287769784173
Screwdriver148 (13.9%)100
Scissors34 (3.2%)23.021582733813
Other124 (11.7%)84.1726618705036

A total of 1063 people answered this question.