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How often do you run the air conditioner in your car?

Answer Number
I don't have an air conditioner in my car.171 (19%)106.145251396648
I have one, but I never run it.54 (6%)33.5195530726257
When it's really hot -- and I have the windows open, too.38 (4.2%)23.463687150838
When it's really hot -- with the windows closed.322 (35.8%)200
Whenever it's mildly warm -- often I also have the windows open.48 (5.3%)29.608938547486
Whenever it's mildly warm -- and I keep the windows shut.147 (16.3%)91.0614525139665
Year round, hot or cold, often with the windows open.37 (4.1%)22.9050279329609
Year round, hot or cold, with the windows closed.83 (9.2%)51.3966480446927

A total of 900 people answered this question.