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When one considers a cheeseburger, is the cheese a topping of the cheeseburger, implying that cheese is not an assumed ingredient when one says "cheeseburger," as if one might order a "cheeseburger" at a restaurant and not get cheese unless one ordered a "cheeseburger with cheese," or is the cheese NOT A CHEESEBURGER TOPPING ANYMORE THAN THE BURGER IS A CHEESEBURGER TOPPING, BECAUSE IT'S PART OF THE STUPID CHEESEBURGER, which would mean the previous reader poll question's INTENTIONAL OMISSION OF THE ANSWER "CHEESE" is not only JUSTIFIED but a NATURALLY OBVIOUS INARGUABLE FACT WHEN COMMON SENSE IS EXERCISED IN THE SLIGHTEST?

Answer Number
Cheese is a cheeseburger topping, because I am dense.-41 (-0.3%)-0.597609561752988
Cheese is not a cheeseburger topping, although it may be considered a hamburger topping, because I have a clue.10646 (100.4%)200

A total of 10605 people answered this question.