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At which temperature are you most comfortable?

Answer Number
40F (4.5C) or below18 (2%)11.5273775216138
40F (4.5C) to 50F (10C)10 (1.1%)6.34005763688761
50F (10C) to 60F (15.5C)36 (4%)23.0547550432277
60F (15.5C) to 65F (18.5C)86 (9.6%)55.3314121037464
65F (18.5C) to 70F (21C)234 (26.2%)151.008645533141
70F (21C) to 75F (24C)310 (34.7%)200
75F (24C) to 80F (26.5C)127 (14.2%)81.8443804034582
80F (26.5C) to 90F (32C)43 (4.8%)27.6657060518732
90F (32C) to 100F (38C)11 (1.2%)6.9164265129683
above 100F (38C)18 (2%)11.5273775216138

A total of 893 people answered this question.