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What's your favorite Marx Brothers movie?

Answer Number
The Cocoanuts8 (2.5%)16.1812297734628
Animal Crackers32 (10.1%)65.3721682847896
Monkey Business24 (7.6%)49.1909385113269
Horse Feathers11 (3.5%)22.6537216828479
Duck Soup98 (30.9%)200
A Night At the Opera46 (14.5%)93.8511326860841
A Day At the Races24 (7.6%)49.1909385113269
Room Service15 (4.7%)30.42071197411
At the Circus5 (1.6%)10.3559870550162
Go West11 (3.5%)22.6537216828479
The Big Store7 (2.2%)14.2394822006473
A Night In Casablanca26 (8.2%)53.0744336569579
Love Happy10 (3.2%)20.7119741100324

A total of 317 people answered this question.