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How do you like your bacon?

Answer Number
American, floppy57 (7.8%)46.9879518072289
American, medium138 (18.9%)113.855421686747
American, crispy242 (33.2%)200
American, cinders26 (3.6%)21.6867469879518
English, rare to medium rare9 (1.2%)7.2289156626506
English, medium19 (2.6%)15.6626506024096
English, medium well to well done33 (4.5%)27.1084337349398
Canadian, rare to medium rare11 (1.5%)9.03614457831325
Canadian, medium31 (4.2%)25.3012048192771
Canadian, medium well to well done35 (4.8%)28.9156626506024
Don't like bacon129 (17.7%)106.626506024096

A total of 730 people answered this question.