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Chicken Little

Chicken Little
Stood around
Underneath a tree.
Something fell and
Hit her head.
She said, "Goodness me!"

"Oh my goodness!"
She did screech.
"The sky is falling!"
She ran around
Yelling out,
"We must tell the king!"

Goosey Loosey
Was the first
To hear Chicken's tale.
I think they both
Must have been
Drinking too much ale.

Goosey Loosey,
Chicken, too,
Saw Ducky Lucky.
They told him, and
Then he said,
"That is quite sucky."

Cocky Locky
Was their next
Stop along the way.
They told him, and
He freaked out.
He joined them that day.

Foxy Loxy
Walked right up,
Eyeing the small group.
He looked right at
The Chicken
And said, "What's the scoop?"

Chicken Little
Told the fox,
"The sky is falling!
If we want to
Save our skins,
We must tell the king!"

Foxy Loxy
Said he'd help,
But they had to run.
Foxy Loxy
Chased them and
Gobbled up each one.

It amazes
Me how this
Whole thing got started
Because I threw
A rock at
Chicken Little's head.

Eric McGill


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