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The Rules

Maze Maker is a maze generator. Every time you run it, a different maze is generated. You start at the entrance at the upper left and work your way through the maze to the exit at the lower right. All mazes are solvable.

This is not an interactive game. Once the maze generation is complete, you're on your own. You can solve the maze by tracing the paths as they appear on your screen, or, better, print them out so you can use a pen or pencil.

Modes of Play

You can select the size of the maze you wish to generate by adjusting the width and height parameters. You can also adjust the size of the maze -- large blocks are easier on the eyes, but you can't fit as complicated a maze on the screen or on a printout. We have found 30 by 20 mazes (with small block size) to be ideal for screen viewing, while 30 by 30 mazes seem to be best for printing. Your results, however, will vary depending on your screen resolution and printer.

Saving Your Game

It is not possible to save a maze by bookmarking the page, as the behavior of the other games on this site might lead you to believe. The only reliable way to save a particular maze is to print it out. Depending on your browser, you might be able to select File/Save As... and save the maze to a file on your hard drive. This will only work if your browser also saves the images used to display the maze.

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