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Knight's Dilemma


The Rules

The object of the game is to place a knight on a chess board and, moving it only as knights may in the game of chess, move it from square to square such that it visits every square on the board once and only once.

In chess, the knight moves in an L-shaped path -- two squares in any of the four cardinal directions, then over one. That is, it can move up or down two squares, then left or right one square; alternately, it can move left or right two squares, then up or down one.

Begin by placing the knight somewhere on the board. After the knight is placed, the squares the knight may be moved to will be selected, and you can click on one of them to move the knight. Continue moving the knight until you have visited every square once or cannot make any more legal moves. The squares you have already visited will be disabled so that you cannot revisit them.

Saving Your Game

You can save your game by bookmarking the page in the game you want to come back to later.

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