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The Tall Guy (1989)



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Jeff Goldblum is an actor stuck in a rut. When he meets a frank, to-the-point nurse (Emma Thompson), he starts turning his life around. Thompson's role is well defined, breaking the stereotypes to emerge as a real character. And Goldblum and Thompson work well together -- both the best and funniest scenes in the film involve the both of them, and there are several -- but except for that and a sporadically insightful script, the story is old and tired and strains credibility. Among other things, we are asked to accept, again, that an otherwise clear-headed man (that we're supposed to sympathize with!), genuinely in love with a woman, would purposefully cheat on her with another woman who genuinely meant nothing to him. Hello? In theory, this affair is somehow supposed to show how Goldblum's character takes Thompson for granted -- it boggles the mind how the script had to be unrealistically extreme in illustrating this when it is content to be subtle with others. For me, this irritating plot point and the otherwise dull story just aren't worth weathering, even for Thompson's excellent performance and a few good belly laughs.