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The Sword of the Barbarians (1983)

(aka: Barbarian Master)



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It's hilarious that movies like this even exist. I can't imagine what must have taken place on the set as they were making it. "Ok, you stand over there and grunt and growl and look menacing, while you pick up that humongous nineteen-foot battle axe and raise it above your head triumphantly." I want to be a director just so I can give directions like that, which, in turn, I just want to do to see if the cast and crew solemnly go along with it or if they're snickering under their breaths, as they should be.

But however much fun it might be behind the camera, the end result is a badly acted, stupid, silly "adventure" film, with feats of strength that do not impress, magic that does not awe, and a struggle of good vs. evil that does not inspire. There are unintentional laughs here, for those who like so-bad-they're-good movies, but otherwise this flick is barren.