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The Strawberry Roan (1948)



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Never mind that the title character looks more like a chestnut than a strawberry roan -- this Gene Autry flick should be gold for horse lovers. A boy tries to break in a wild stallion and gets injured in the process. Angry, the boy's father tries to shoot the horse, ignorant of the fact that the horse just may be what the boy needs to restore his crushed spirit. Gene Autry's attempts to keep the horse alive comprise the majority of the film. Plotwise, there are a few too many implausibilities and contrivances, and the character of the father is laughably two-dimensional and plot-serving. On the technical side, the cameraman might try aiming at the action once in a while. But the real reason for this film is so horse lovers can admire and cheer for the objects of their affection. It's a good vehicle for that, and Gene Autry's songs aren't bad either.