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The Princess Bride (1987)



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The Princess Bride did poorly in theaters but has since gathered one of the largest cult followings in movie history. This enchanting fairy tale borders on parody with a wry, quirky sense of humor. Robin Wright makes a regal, elegant, and almost ethereal princess -- the perfect choice for the title role. Also watch for the scene-stealing Mandy Patinkin, who utters one of the most quotable lines in recent film history. If you haven't memorized the script by heart, as many have, see it again.

Guest Reviewer: Ben Kerwin:

One of the funniest, sweetest, most clever movies to come along in a long time. Great performances from everyone in it, especially Andre the Giant. He was magnificent!

Guest Reviewer: Dave Parker:

Generally speaking, hiring a professional wrestler to act in your movie is the first sign that you aren't making a good movie. (See any Hulk Hogan or Roddy Piper movie for some prime examples.)

However, there seems to be two exceptions to this rule: Andre the Giant and Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Jesse must be a friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, since he's been in several movies with the Austrian Oak, most notably Predator and The Running Man. Andre, however, has only been in one movie to my knowledge, and that's The Princess Bride.

I really don't know why he never did any other movies. Maybe it was the accent--certainly it wasn't always easy to understand the guy. Maybe it was because he was always typecast as "the giant" (the name really didn't help much). Or maybe it was because he had gigantism, which caused him to grow throughout his entire life and be in almost constant pain, ultimately causing his death at the relatively young age of 47. But whatever it was, I think it's a pity that this was his only starring role, because I think Hollywood could have definitely used more 7'4", 520 pound leading men.

Oh yeah, and the movie ruled, too.