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The Fifth Element (1997)



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"Original" is one word that would accurately describe director Luc Besson's futuristic vision as showcased in his film, The Fifth Element. "Silly" also applies, which works both for and against it.

Bruce Willis is a cab driver (one of those flying cabs, you know). Milla Jovovich is some kind of greater being. Ian Holm is a priest of some sort. Gary Oldman is a badguy. Chris Tucker is...weird. These characters aren't especially well defined, and the plot, at its core, is silly. Intentionally silly, perhaps, but the scope of its silliness is too broad, too deeply rooted, for there to be enough substance to draw the viewer in. But Besson's fresh, creative world is more than enough to distract one from these weaknesses. The buildings, the rooms, the streets, the clothing -- everything visual here is exciting to look at, because I had never seen a futuristic vision quite like it. Kooky? Yes. Fun? Yes. The only thing missing is a compelling story.