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Tap (1989)



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The golden age of musicals may have been in the thirties and forties. Nevertheless, Tap showcases some of the most breathtaking tap dancing ever put to celluloid in the long history of filmmaking. Gregory Hines is a magnificent dancer, although in today's scant commercial value of traditional song and dance, you may not have even known that without having seen this one film.

Co-starring is Sammy Davis, Jr., whose fantastic agility is famous. It's a genuine to delight to see him cutting up the rug with Hines in what would turn out to be Davis' last theatrical film appearance.

The plot is the weak point -- the stuff about the jewel heist isn't so compelling -- but the characters are strong and sincere, and the acting is solid. Again, it's the dancing that's the attraction of this film, and it's got gobs of it. The muted, warm colors lend it an atmosphere of nostalgia, which enhances its impact. A truly stunning display of talent all around.