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Runaway (1984)



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In a futuristic world, robots take care of a lot of the manual labor that require humans today. But, since they must be fairly intelligent and physically adept to accomplish their tasks, things can get pretty dangerous if they break and start to go haywire. Tom Selleck's job is to neutralize these "runaway" robots. The world is fascinating and real -- it must have been tempting for screenwriter Michael Crichton to lapse in to the "all-knowing, all-powerful machines who set out to destroy humanity" cliche, but he doesn't. The behavior, if not the structure, of the machines in this world make for a fairly realistic futuristic adventure. The plot? An illegal microchip dealer seeks the specs for a dangerous chip so he can build some and export them to the highest bidder. The characters are a little too flat to make this a particularly involving thriller, but Crichton's fascinating world of machines is reason enough to see this film.