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Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983)



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This is incompetent filmmaking in the worst way. Though made in 1983, it resembles something Ed Wood might have in his heyday. Consider the acting. And earthquake his, and a scientist is thrown through a portal into another world -- but, really, the camera just shakes, and the scientist practically jumps into it on purpose. In another scene, someone is drowning in quicksand; he's rescued and gets out of it by standing up.

Normally movies like this are entertaining just for how campy they are. This movie even has monsters with red flashing eyes. It has people who are shot, yet are only knocked unconscious for a while and may reawaken later with all faculties intact. The badguys, naturally, grunt and cackle a lot so we realize they're bad. Unfortunately, in spite of the cheesiness, it's boring. The plot is so laborious, it takes energy to stay away through it. It's actual work to watch this movie, and the payoff in unintentional laughs isn't sufficient.