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Melvin and Howard (1980)



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When the eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes died, the only will that could be found was from a man named Melvin Dummar -- a stranger who, he claims, gave Hughes a lift once. At the time, Dummar had no idea it was actually Howard Hughes, in spite of the fact that he claimed to be -- what would a millionaire be doing looking all grizzly and conked out in the desert? No one could prove or disprove the claim.

Melvin and Howard tells that story with the supposition that Dummar's claim was true. Paul Le Mat plays Melvin Dummar; Jason Robards plays Howard Hughes. The title is a little misleading -- this is Melvin's story and has very little to do with Howard Hughes himself, although Robards' small performance is a scene-stealer. Alternately comedic and dramatic, Melvin and Howard is an entertaining, well-crafted, simple, and elegant film.