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Lost Stallions: The Journey Home (2008)



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This is a flimsy but ultimately harmless family drama about troubled teenagers at a ranch for, uh, troubled teenagers. Mickey Rooney adds some class to the affair, but the rest of the acting -- and indeed everything else about this production is embarrassingly inept. It even looks bad, like it was shot with a camcorder and nobody bothered to do any color correction.

The plot is essentially a series of cheesy montages set to cheesy music. The montages are set apart by baffling plot turns. The attitude of the main character responds to new developments in a more or less random fashion. And try to wrap your head around the nonsensical climax, wherein he concocts the worst escape plan in the history of escape plans. How was it even supposed to work in theory?

Even horse lovers should skip this one, as they mostly only appear during the opening and closing credits. The "lost stallions" of the title refer to these kids, although maybe the metaphor would fit better if it referred to whatever hapless audience stumbles unwittingly into this movie.