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Krull (1983)



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A big space fortress lands on a planet and stops a wedding. An old guy comes out of the mountains "because he is needed" and helps the hero out. There's a narrow escape involving an hourglass-controlled spider, and a lot of fire that doesn't hurt anybody. The hero's party of adventurers are picked off at the precise, unwavering rate of one goodguy per unique badguy attack. At the end, we discover that the whole movie could have been avoided if the marriage ceremony had been performed just a tad bit faster, and, of course, I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to guess whether or not the badguy's fortress spontaneously combusts following his demise. If the above sounds silly, it is. The rules of this half science fiction, half fantasy world are made up as the story progresses. One guy "must" die when the sand runs out. Another guy "must" stay behind (but then catch up later anyway). And the hero "must" not use the Ultimate Talisman of the Universe until the "right time" has come. (How will he know when the time comes? Why, when the time comes, he will know, of course!) There is no rhyme or reason for why these things must happen, just that they "must." Character motivations are similarly nebulous, and the battle choreography is singularly uninspiring. Get the soundtrack -- James Horner's score is enchanting if a little derivative -- but skip the movie.