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House of Games (1987)



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Lindsay Crouse is a psychologist who investigates the gambling debt of one of her patients. In the process, she, accustomed to dealing with other people's obsessions, ends up having to deal with one of her own. She meets up with Joe Mantegna, and that's where this labyrinth of intrigue starts. Nothing is quite as it seems, and I won't say more, lest I give too much away. Although many of the plot twists are predictable, the characters are enticing, brought to life by David Mamet's crisp dialogue. The scenes where Crouse is with her patients and elderly friend, however, are dull (thankfully they are few), some of the twists are explained in needless detail, and the film's resolution is disconcerting. But since these may be the only flaws in this labyrinthine study of trust and confidence, it's well worth viewing.