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High Road To China (1983)



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High Road To China is a sorely underrated adventure film with plenty of action, suspense, and humor. It overflows with the stuff of classic B adventure films: flying action, battle-of-the-sexes fireworks, and exotic places. It's all driven by strong and appealing characters, mainly Tom Selleck, as a World War I flying ace, and Bess Armstrong, as a stubborn rich girl who hires him to find her father. They have an exceptional chemistry together, and it is due to them as much as the gloriously old-fashioned adventure story and rich roaring twenties atmosphere that the film is as fun as it is. The supporting cast, filled with great character actors, is just as good: Jack Weston as Selleck's mechanic and sidekick, Wilford Brimley as Armstrong's father, and Robert Morley as the hilarious comic relief.