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Dirty Dancing (1987)



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Listen to the soundtrack, skip the movie.

Granted, this is not normally my kind of movie. But I'm not averse to chick flicks as a rule, and I enjoy movies with good dancing. Dirty Dancing, which only has incidental dirty dancing to justify the title, not that it's any less distasteful, has a couple of moments but otherwise does not feature much in the way of impressive choreography. Nor does it feature much in the way of plausible characters. The romantic leads are cut from too familiar cloth: she's the upstanding daughter of rich and respected parents; he's misunderstood as a no-good punk, at least until she encourages him to pursue his dreams. Yet despite how familiar it is and how predisposed we are to accept stories of this nature, it never feels quite believable. That it is also not quite likeable is a fatal blow to the film.