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Clue (1985)



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Adapting a board game for the big screen isn't an obvious move. A film version of Parcheesi, for instance, probably wouldn't go over so well. But Clue is hilarious. It's ridiculously silly, but that's part of the fun.

Tim Curry hams it up as the butler, the smartest of the bunch, the one who receives all of Mr. Boddy's guests (all the familiar characters from the game -- Professor Plum, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, and so forth) and ushers them about the spooky mansion in a haywire frenzy.

You do have to be in a silly mood to appreciate this film -- its humor almost demands that its audience is either in an unusually good mood or just a little overtired. Under such conditions, Clue can be a scream.

As a gimmick, the film was released to theaters with one of three different endings. On video, all three endings are present.