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Broadway Danny Rose (1984)



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Broadway Danny Rose is probably Woody Allen's his best 80s comedy and is a strong contender for his best ever. After a run of experimental comedies (Stardust Memories, Zelig), here is a return to the spirit of his zanier 70s comedies, yet one which forges new territory at the same time.

Allen plays a talent agent -- an inspired role for him, as it gives him plenty of excuses for his trademark banter and neurotic tirades, which have (arguably) never been faster or funnier. He's got his hands full trying to keep hesitant producers and finicky performers happy, but then he finds himself mixed up with gangsters, molls, and big shots. It's just about the perfect grab bag of comic foils for Woody Allen's stock character, but more than that, too: this is not just a vehicle for laughter but for pathos as well. Beneath the roles these characters are assigned are genuine individuals with real yearnings. We don't just laugh -- we care.