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Baby Boom (1987)



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A brass tacks career woman is on a verge of becoming a partner in a mega million dollar company, when she is abruptly burdened with a baby. Without the least clue hot to raise a child, she must somehow do so and keep up the eighty hour weeks at work. The plot progresses predictably, with all the obligatory cliches, such as the "diaper change fiasco" scene and the "interviewing a series of horribly unsuitable babysitters" scene. Some of the gags are funny. Some are not. Diane Keaton, the lead, tips the balance slightly in the film's favor with an energetic performance (overacting during the breakdown scene its only noteworthy flaw), and an interesting turn of the story in the film's final third adds an unexpected dose of enterprising fantasy. Yet even this has its downside, incorporating a second batch of cliches from that subgenre, too. The bottom line is that this is one of those movies you could watch and enjoy if it were on television anyway, but probably not one worth actively seeking out.