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Amazons (1986)



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Roger Corman was the executive producer of this nothing budget swords and sorcery movie. It's got nothing acting and nothing thought behind the story.

How's this for a revenge strategy on the part of the villainess? Instead of, you know, killing her mortal enemy, she concocts a plan whereby she will seduce a man she doesn't love so she can have a daughter that she can raise in the ways of evil, and then the daughter can do the killing.

If that isn't senseless enough, see if you can follow this line of reasoning: when the daughter turns out not to be evil enough to follow through with the murder, the villainess resorts to doing what she might have tried in the first place: chopping down a particular tree that is magically tied to the heroine's life...or something. I'm not sure how it works, because it's never explained, and when the tree finally does get chopped down, the heroine, previously doubling over in pain with every chop of the axe, is unfazed.

This is too much plot analysis for what is basically an exploitation picture. It does not aspire to be worthy of analysis, and it isn't. If it aspired to be good, or even coherent, or even bearable, it failed.