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A Night In Casablanca (1946)



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One of Chico Marx's piano playing trademarks is the way his right index finger would traipse over the high keys and occasionally "shoot" the notes. There's a lot of that in his obligatory piano number in A Night In Casablanca; somehow, it never ceases to be funny, and of course the music itself is entertaining in its own right. As for Harpo Marx's obligatory harp number, which this time is a blend of two classical tunes, it's one of his best.

There are a lot of great routines in this next-to-last Marx Brothers outing, which pits them against Nazis in a treasure hunt and murder mystery in Casablanca, but the film as a whole doesn't hold together that well. Its agonizingly prolonged chase scene finale doesn't exactly help. Still, there's enough downright hilarious gags and tomfoolery to recommend this.