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A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (1989)



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This moronic made-for-TV version of Mark Twain's classic camouflages the original story's wit, substituting dumb throwaway gags instead. (One prime example involves playing modern music with a walkman for the ladies of the court, then "getting down" to it.) The protagonist is Keshia Knight Pulliam. An early scene has her in school, not paying much attention to the day's lecture, on famous eclipses of the past. (You heard right.) Naturally, this comes into play during the novel's eclipse scene -- when it is unsure whether an eclipse will occur to save her or not, she moans, "I wish I paid more attention in school," for if she had, she would know when, precisely, the eclipse will occur. (Never mind that the eclipse will happen or it won't, regardless of how much attention she had paid.) This kind of sappy, futile manipulation is typical of the movie as a whole. Watch another version -- any other version -- instead.

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