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A Bug's Life (1998)



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A Bug's Life, the second film from Pixar, the studio that produced Toy Story, again uses computer rendering to deliver a family adventure with heart and cheery humor. Its wit isn't as sophisticated as that of Antz (the "other" computer rendered insect cartoon of 1998) nor is the animation quite so realistic, but in a way these are plusses. A Bug's Life achieves a delightful buoyancy of spirit and unity of mood. Like Toy Story, this is a movie anyone can view and enjoy. If you're not young, the movie will make you feel young.

The story is a take-off on The Seven Samurai. Grasshoppers are terrorizing an ant colony, so an ambitious, independent ant named Flik goes out in search of great warriors to fight for them.

To insects, an ordinary rainstorm is a cataclysmic deluge, and a pretty little bird is a dreaded terror. The animation in the film is so spectacular that it makes us see these menaces as insects must. Another accomplishment is the humor: A Bug's Life is hilarious. The best part is after the credits roll, so stay in your seats.