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A Clockwork Orange

Directed by Stanley Kubrick


Ultra-Condensed by Taran Horter

Malcolm McDowell
I was having a right horrorshow time of it, O my brothers, crasting and drasting with my droogies all the nochy, viddying the vino flow. Then, those glooby bratchny millicents loveted me and hurled me in the plenny like a common prestoopnik. That vonny plenny wasn't for me, so I let some doctor vecks filly with my mozg to fix me up right skorry. Then I ittied on home like a good malckickiwick, but I couldn't slooshy my lovely Ludwig anymore without getting bolnoy. It was oozhassny, so I jumped out the okno. I've had rather a change of heart, and thinking of getting a zheena like a proper chelloveck, and all that cal.


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