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Soothsayer prices set to rise again

The Union of Soothsayers, Seers and Prognosticators announced another price hike today, drawing an angry response from members of the public. The raised prices will be effective from Monday.

The news has prompted long queues as residents rush to obtain hints and predictions at the current price. "I was going to wait until the end of the year to ask what crop to plant next spring," said vegetable farmer Snorri Throfssonsson. "But you know the saying: a gold coin saved is a gold coin found."

With only six months since the last price increase, many Fantasy residents are asking whether something can be done to regulate the soothsaying industry. "It's a monopoly situation," said a local sprite. "People are always going to need soothsaying done, so we get held to ransom by unscrupulous types who know we can't go anywhere else. It isn't right."

Fantasy's only soothsayer, and coincidentally the president of the Union, stated today that the rise is necessary and "tied to fluctuations in the global economy and the cost of raw materials." When asked what raw materials were involved in soothsaying, she refused to answer until the interviewer gave her twenty-three gold coins. She then replied "Read everything twice."

It is still not known what this answer might mean.

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