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Special Feature: Keeping your home safe

Whether you live in a castle or a hut, security should be part of every home owner's plans. Check the following guidelines to see what areas you might need to improve.

Consider purchasing a door
Police records show that 97% of burglars enter through an unprotected open doorway if one is available.

Lock all buildings
Locking your garage will prevent thieves from stealing your tractor and using it to bulldoze your entire house.

Guard animals
If you use a guard animal, make sure you choose a species which you will be able to care for properly. Remember, a giant carnivorous giraffe is for life, not just for Christmas.

Security systems
There are some excellent magical protection systems available today. Never leave the key to such systems in an obvious place such as under the doormat. Ideally, it should be hidden halfway across the world in a completely unrelated context.

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