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Why This Intermediate Page Is Necessary

It used to be that you could link directly to a dialectized version of a web page directly instead of making a stop through The Dialectizer site to explain and confirm exactly what is going on.

We understand that this may be an inconvenience for some users wishing to provide direct links to dialectized pages on their own pages. However, the intermediate page has become necessary for us to include for two very important reasons:

  • Some users were encountering dialectized web pages without first visiting the main Dialectizer page. This was causing confusion as to what the dialectized pages were. Some web site owners thought their sites had been copied, thus violating copyrights. To remove any and all confusion about what the dialectized web pages are and where they came from, the intermediate page had to be added.
  • Some unscrupulous individuals have attempted, and have continued to attempt, to put up their own front-ends to The Dialectizer (allowing web surfers to enter URLs into their pages but still linking to my site to do the translation), thereby claiming The Dialectizer as their own work. Now it is not possible for these false front-ends to be used without an intermediate stop over at the legitimate Dialectizer site.