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Not Discriminatory

The Dialectizer is not intended to be racist, sexist, or otherwise demeaning or discriminatory toward any ethnic, religious, or cultural group, or any other minority (or even majority). Nowhere on this site will you find any advocation of discrimination against any group of people, which is what racism is.

Although the vast, vast majority of the email I've received about The Dialectizer, most notably from those who consider themselves among those one of The Dialectizer's dialects tries to emulate, has been highly complimentary, there are a scant few who are concerned that The Dialectizer may be racist in nature and have accused me of such. It isn't. Nowhere are racial issues even mentioned. And while cultural differences are acknowledged, nowhere is there the expression or implication that one cultural group is inherently inferior than another cultural group; nor do I advocate anywhere, explicitly or implicitly, that one cultural group should be discriminated against. The simple fact is that I have a strong aversion to such discrimination and despise true racism as much or more than those complaining that The Dialectizer might be. Discrimination against whole racial or cultural groups is a terrible abomination.

However, the acknowledgement of cultural differences is not inherently an expression of discrimination -- nor should it be. In fact, calling it that only increases tensions between ethnic groups, as it makes people paranoid even to talk about these issues that so desperately need to be talked about. Acknowledgement of cultural differences is not bad. Discrimination based on cultural differences is. The Dialectizer acknowledges cultural differences but does not discriminate. The Dialectizer attempts to find humor in cultural differences, but this humor is absolutely not intended to be demeaning in any way. It does not make fun of cultural dialects; rather, it mines humor that may be found when certain English passages are expressed in a dialect we are not used to hearing such English passages expressed in. By no means is The Dialectizer intended to ridicule or demean.

It is my hope that, by deriving non-discriminatory and non-demeaning humor from cultural differences, we will be able to relax and ease the tensions that make good race relations so difficult to achieve otherwise. Let's face it. The only way we will ever conquer racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination is not by suppressing those differences but by cherishing them, bringing them out into the open in such a comfortable and non-threatening way that we ourselves become at ease enough with them so that we need not be ashamed of them -- so that we can talk about race relations in a way that isn't grave or guarded or fearful of dire consequence -- so that we may treat racial differences for what they are: extant but, when making any sort of judgment of character, insignificant.