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Mathematical Reasoning Puzzles - Solution for #14

Solution for #14

The hour hand is exactly on a minute mark five times per hour -- on the hour, twelve minutes past the hour, twenty four minutes past, thirty six minutes past, and forty eight minutes past.

Let X be the number of hours, and Y be the number of minutes past the hour. When the hour hand is on a minute mark, the position of the hour hand is 5X + Y/12, and the position of the minute hand is Y. On the first occasion, Y = 5X + Y/12 + 6. This is equivalent to 60X = 11Y - 72. Since Y can only take one of the values in the set { 0, 12, 24, 36, 48 }, it can be determined that the only legal values for the equation are X = 1 and Y = 12. So the time is 1:12.

Similarly, the second occasion's equation is 60X = 11Y - 84. The only legal values here are X = 3 and Y = 24. So the time is 3:24.

Between 1:12 and 3:24, two hours and twelve minutes have elapsed.